Who let all of these frogs in here?

Legend has it that when Grace Keniston's son Kirk was a toddler, she used turtle doorstops — no, not actual turtles — to keep him out of rooms he wasn't supposed to be in.

Kirk outgrew his fear of the Nonspecific Turtle God a long time ago, but the doorstops remain. Inevitably, a tradition was born: people started bringing her turtle knickknacks of all kinds, and this menagerie followed Grace right into the accounting business.

So that's how a CPA ends up surrounded by turtles. But the frogs?

We haven't got a clue.

Whatever brought this on, it's wall-to-wall amphibians in here. Big frogs, little frogs, frogs that sing and dance … they're everywhere.

We like to say we've got more frogs and turtles per square foot than any CPA outside the Amazon River basin. (And just so you know, if you do go to the Amazon to have your taxes done, something is going to eat you. We really can't recommend it.)

Not only do we promise not to eat you, we'll even send you a Frog Card™ on your birthday.

When we do frogs, we don't fool around.

Now the last time we looked, there were 1,400 accounting firms licensed in Connecticut. We're pretty sure that 1,399 of them don't look to frogs (or turtles!) as role models. But we do.

Frogs are quick on their feet, turtles are deliberate and precise — and the humans here aspire to both.

We could go on and on about all of the mundane "accounting-type" reasons to hire an accountant, but the frogs are way more entertaining.