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In accounting, one size does not fit all.

The needs of a corporation are nothing like the needs of an individual taxpayer. And when you're self-employed, it's a little bit of both.

At Grace Soderberg Keniston, we understand your needs and we have the services guaranteed to fit. Tax returns of all kinds, bookkeeping services, financial reporting, good advice, a helping hand … we've got you covered.

Tax preparation: working to your advantage

We all work hard for our money. Collecting those weekly paychecks, working for ourselves, getting a return on our investments, profiting from decades of hard work in our retirement years — wherever your income is coming from, one thing holds true for everyone: It's not just how much we make, but how much we get to keep.

Like most people, you're prepared to pay your fair share of taxes — but not a penny more if you can help it. That's where we come in. Our job is to ferret out every deduction the government will allow, to make sure you aren't missing out on an opportunity to hold on to some of that hard-earned money.

We'll work closely with you to make the process as easy and painless as possible. And once we get to know you better, we can offer useful advice for next time: what you should be doing now to position yourself where you want to be at the end of 2018.

And we keep on working with you throughout the year. We don't bill by the hour — we want our clients to call us with their questions any time, because the answers could spell the difference between a big tax bill and a little one (or even a refund). And if you run into trouble, we can do something about it before it gets too big to handle.

That's our commitment to you.

Accounting services: making good business sense

Whether your business has a fully computerized system or does its books by hand, we can help. Think of us as a health plan for your bottom line: analyzing your business, spotting problems before they happen, scouting out new opportunities for growth. We're committed to your future — not only showing you how you're doing right now, but helping you thrive.

Many of the accountants we know don't like to spend time on the "little stuff." We do.

We believe that good advice is only as good as what we know about you — and if that means balancing your company's checkbook (eek!) and making sure those pesky numbers are in the right accounts, then that's exactly what we'll do.

With our in-house expertise we can help you get computerized, or be more efficient if you already are. There's a whole lot more we can do for you; see our complete list of services. We specialize in closely held businesses spanning the full range from sole proprietors to corporations with more than $20 million in sales.

And when you need more than just accounting, we can draw on a network of financial planners, attorneys and insurance agents to bring you all of the professional services that a growing business needs.


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