Portrait of a CPA

Grace Soderberg Keniston first came to Fairfield 34 years ago as a partner in a mid-size accounting firm. Working with a broad, diversified client base, she touched on every aspect of accounting — training that proved invaluable when she started a firm of her own.

Today our clients get the full benefit of that experience, but they also enjoy the sort of close partnership that only a small firm can provide. Many of our clients are small business owners themselves, and that common link is one reason why working with Grace is so comfortable. But whether you're filing your personal income tax or running a multi-million dollar company, anyone can see the value in a one-on-one relationship.

"Major accounting firms have a tendency to hand off client work to others in the office or to experts in different fields," Grace says. "They have a piecemeal understanding of the client. But I'm involved in the entire relationship — all the details." It's more than just a question of getting to know your clients, because in accounting, those details really matter.

That's why Grace is a certified public accountant and a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the Connecticut Society of CPAs. Which means, among other things, that she meets Connecticut's stringent CPA licensing requirements and undergoes a peer review process every three years. These are your assurances that her professional education is up to date and that she adheres to the high ethical and quality standards of the profession.

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