So you're feeling a little stressed about the April 15th thing. Is there anyone who isn't?

Let us put your mind at ease. When tax form phobia takes root in the deep dark recesses of your soul, we can help.

Come to us for expert professional advice and accurate tax returns for you or your business.

If you've never had an accountant before and you're beginning to think you could use one, we're not a bad place to start. Less scary than the IRS, more personal than a tax preparation service — and guaranteed not to bite you.

Grace Soderberg Keniston, LLC is an accounting firm based in Fairfield, Connecticut. We offer income tax preparation and financial advice for individuals and a full range of accounting services for businesses and their owners. Since 1992 we've been providing professional services with complete confidentiality.

Call us at 203-259-9505 to make an appointment, and we'll show you just what we can do for you. Or keep reading to learn more.

We speak the language

If you're like most people, this "numbers" thing is a foreign language you've been forgetting since the day you left school. Sometimes the best you can do is point at things on the menu and hope they don't involve snails.

We won't say that numbers are our first language — that would be creepy — but "multilingual" describes us pretty well.

Better yet, we can translate those numbers into your language — the language of why and what for, of this before that, of sooner rather than later, of more often than not.

So you don't have to be a native speaker to survive in today's world after all. With a local guide (that's us!) and a few questionable hand gestures, you can make yourself understood anywhere you go.

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