We have an announcement to make

The frog-happy folks at Grace Soderberg Keniston are leapfrogging headlong into the future — like, into 2018 even — and this time we travel with friends: our cozy office at 1903 Post Road is now the Fairfield home of Nathan Accounting Group, LLC.

Based in Avon, with a second office in Middletown, Nathan Accounting Group isn't new to Fairfield County. But they're eager to have a place of their own here, and that's where we come in.

In the 25 years since Grace Keniston first struck out on her own, she's accumulated a staff of four (and an untold number of frogs), and yet we've always wanted to do more for our clients.

Now we can.

Same people, same place. New possibilities.

You know the mantra: “Nothing is changing.” Said by everyone who ever merged, anywhere.

Which is completely ridiculous. Of course things will change — that’s the whole point! If nothing is supposed to change, then we just created a lot of unnecessary work for ourselves.

We are thrilled, we are excited, we are mildly terrified of all the new things we can do for you now — and do better.

Bigger! Faster! More frogs!

It's our greatest adventure ever, and we ain't even goin' anywhere.

Things that don't change

What doesn't change is how it feels to be a Grace Soderberg Keniston client. Walk into our office (same place as always) and you'll find Grace, Girish, Nicole, Cathy, and Randall right where you expect us to be. Or call us (same number as always) and get a live person on the line instead of a robot. But it goes deeper than that.

✱ ✱ ✱

The people at Nathan Accounting Group chose us because we have personality (among many other excellent reasons), and you can continue to rely on that — have we mentioned that we like frogs? So don't read too much into their web site. They aren't remotely as corporate as it would have you think.

Meanwhile, we chose them because they think the way we do — and because they understand people like you.

For a refresher, "you" means individuals and businesses. Trusts. Non‑profits. Foreign entities.

You could be an investor with a serious portfolio, or someone who just opened their first IRA.

You could be a business that fits on a kitchen table, or one that's looking for more space (again).

You could be a bunch of those things all at once, or anything in between. It doesn't matter, because we like You just the way you are.

Drop in, say "Hi!"

As mentioned earlier, you already know how to find us:

Nathan Accounting Group
1903 Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824

203-259-9505 (phone!)
203-259-9516 (fax!)

Granted, the name is a little different. Call us "The Artist Formerly Known as Grace Soderberg Keniston" if it makes you feel better.

We have new email addresses too, but the old ones will continue to work until we get bored with them. We'll remind you to update your address book long before that ever happens.

✱ ✱ ✱

As long as you're here, why not let us regale you with the Tale of the Frogs? Particularly if you have no idea why we keep bringing them up.